Interview with daisy mayhem’s guitarist Anand Nayak

We are getting very excited about our Holiday Show with Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem this Saturday December 3rd, 7pm at Slater Mill. We asked Anand Nayak a few questions to see how excited they are about the show and their new holiday album WINTERSONG.


What inspired you to make WINTERSONG?
The band had been tossing the idea around for some time, trying to see if there was a way to make a seasonally themed record that felt right to us. We all like the idea of our music serving a purpose, and helping people get through the holidays seemed like a good one.

What are some of the things you and daisy mayhem discovered when making the record?
Well, we discovered Scott can be a great lead singer for one. Stylistically speaking we mixed things up more than ever, and that felt good. Every record we’ve made has been a voyage of discovery, this one seemed to be largely about not letting expectations get in the way of the moment. The performances on this record hopefully convey the unfettered feeling we had while recording.

If you’ve played at Slater Mill before, what do you love about playing in that space?
Wood! More wood! We love old spaces, like old songs, because they feel like they’re filled with the accumulated stories of everyone who has touched them. It’s a feeling we can belong to, be a part of, and add in some small way to the story.

Why premiere your CD at Stone Soup?
Because of the people who make it happen.*

What makes this album special for you personally and why are you excited to share it with audiences?
These songs represent a take on the holidays that tries to dig beneath the cheery surface to find something more elemental. The renewal of hope, the continuation of the cycles of life and death, the ways we remember what has passed and the way we come together to celebrate. These are all things worth singing about.







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