Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt

March 4, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Slater Mill
67 Roosevelt Avenue
RI 02860
Stone Soup Coffeehouse



Sally Rogers performs an evening of traditional, contemporary and original ballads and  song, interwoven with stories taken from her life as a performer, a wife and a mother.  Throughout her concerts, she accompanies herself on guitar and Appalachian dulcimer, or  performs without accompaniment in a voice that needs no further enhancement.  Reviewers have described her voice in superlatives ranging from “remarkable” to  “mesmerizing.” As one critic summarized, “…it’s really next to impossible to do justice to a  voice of that quality.” Much of the material performed by Sally includes compositions of  her own, many of which are considered classics of the folk and popular genre.  Rogers began her career as a full‐time touring musician in 1979, after encouragement  from Stan Rogers, the legendary Canadian singer‐songwriter.  That was followed by an  invitation from Garrison Keillor to appear on  A Prairie Home Companion.  She appeared  more than a dozen times on that show, which launched her performing career.  Her travels  have since taken her to Europe, China, Hungary and Poland, England and Scotland and  across the United States.


gallery18To say that Schmidt is simply a performer with a talent to entertain would be a miscarriage of understatement. Schmidt takes her audiences into her world as easily as the child who discovers the endless universes that exist in a cardboard box.

Schmidt weaves her way through her concert in much the same manner as a jester. Interwoven anecdotes, revealing her past and present, bring people to expect a relationship between themselves and memories driven deep with the passage of time. The concert is an endless display of self-realization through humor and longing, leaving audience members yearning to become an integral part of her world.

Having performed on stages across the country, Schmidt has developed the ability to remain fresh. She enjoys her talent to entertain as much as the audience enjoys being entertained.
(Door County Advocate, Wisconsin)

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